Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Rock are Canadian Champions

Canada´s Atlantic selection known as The Rock are the new Canadian Rugby Champions after winning the 2010 Canadian Rugby Championship Final 19-8 vs the Prairie Wolfpack at Swilers Rugby Complex in St. John´s on Saturday afternoon in front of a 2,500 strong crowd.

It was not a game to replicate earlier matches in the tournament as at half time scores were remarkably tied at 0-0 in no small part due to the weather. Conditions were tough with St. John´s putting on one of its famous wet afternoons. The Prarie Wolfpack had the advantage of playing behind strong wind in the first half but the fact they were unable to use this to put points on the board really hurt them after the break.

Both teams scored one try each in the second half but the first points were scored by The Rock´s winger Ciaran Hearn who slotted his first of four penalty goals in the seventh minute of the second half. As the second half continued centre, Geoff Warden pounced onto a nice kick from flyhalf, Dean Blanks to score a try for The Rock. With Hearn´s conversion, The Rock were winning 19-3 and had the match under control. With time running out, the Prarie Wolfpack´s flyhalf, Stephen Woodward set up centre Nick Blevins with a nice pass which he turned into a try.

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