Friday, September 3, 2010

Martín Bustos Moyano´s Dream debut continues

In his second appearance for his first ever professional rugby team, Argentina A winger, Martín Bustos Moyano scored all 22 points for Montpellier as they defeated 2010 European Champions, Toulouse 22-21 in Montpellier on Wednesday. The win places Montpellier at the top of the table as they share first place with Stade Français Paris and Bayonne. The win over Toulouse was a double as it followed Montpellier´s first ever victory vs 2009 Top 14 champions, USA Perpignan in Perpignan on Saturday.

Montpellier now face Clermont in an away match on Sunday and enter the game in a much stronger position than they otherwise would. Montpellier have always been in the bottom half of the table of the Top 14. Martín Bustos Moyano has enver played for Los Pumas. This would appear to be set to change come November as Argentina have a three match European tour with matches against Italy, France and Ireland.


  1. Hey man just found this blog when I googled the possibility of argentina hosting 2023. I'm from NZ, can't wait for the 4 nations and I think Arg is a fantastic option for 2023.

  2. Thanks Max. I think it is highly sensible and logical for Argentina to host. I think there is about 2-3 years to get the idea across to the UAR. Remember to regularly check the blog!

  3. He looked good for the Pampas- a good bet for wing or even 15 for the Pumas- he also adds the ability of Los Pumas to kick goals from a long way out.