Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Los Jaguars squad for the Americas Rugby Championship

With the tournament set to kick off on October 5, the homeside have announced a squad of 26 players to defend the Americas Rugby Championship in Córdoba. The players are the best Argentine based players and despite their being none of the household names like Albacete, Contepomi, Fernández Lobbe, Hernández, or Ledesma there are still some extremely talented individuals and a number of test players in the squad.

The coaches Daniel Hourcade, José Orengo and Mauricio Reggiardo have called upon Players representing the domestic leagues of Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Cuyo, Rosario, Santa Fé and Tucumán.

Los Jaguars first match is in only a few days vs Canada in a match that offers both sides great opportunities. It is in many ways a last chance to impress selectors for the November rugby tours of Europe and to make the cut of players in contention for places at Rugby World Cup 2011. A number of Jaguars could well be playing for elite European clubs in the future.

Los Jaguars have been training for the tournament by taking on local selections, most recently this past weekend when Los Jaguars defeated a Mendoza selection 70-0.

Squad with test players marked in bold:

1- ASCARATE, Gabriel (Natación y Gimnasia - Tucumán)
2- BRUZZONE, Nicolás Ariel (S.I.C - U.R.B.A)
3- BUSTOS, Maximilano (Universitario de Santa Fe - Santafesina)
4- COMUZZI, Mauro Adrián (Pucará - U.R.B.A)
5- CORTESE, Matias (Liceo R.C - Cuyo)
6- DE ACHAVAL, Miguel (Asociación Alumni - U.R.B.A)
7- DE LA VEGA, Tomas (C.U.B.A. - U.R.B.A)
8- ESTELLES, Juan Pablo (Atlético de Rosario - U.R.B.A)
9- FARIAS CABELLO, Julio Alfredo (Tucuman R.C. - Tucumán)
10- FESSIA, Genaro (Córdoba Athletic - Cordobesa)
11- GOSIO, Agustin Oscar (Club Newman - U.R.B.A)
12- GUIDONE, Mauricio Raúl (La Plata R.C - U.R.B.A)
13- GUZMÁN, Santiago Nicolas (Tucumán R.C - Tucumán)
14- IMHOFF, Juan José (Duendes R.C - Rosario)
15- LANDAJO, Martin (C.A.S.I - U.R.B.A)
16- MACOME, Benjamín (Tucumán R.C. - Tucumán)
17- MIERES, Ignacio (free)
18- MIRALLES, Román (Duendes R.C. - Rosario)
19- NARVAEZ, Matías (Cordoba Athletic - Cordobesa)
20- PROTO, Luciano (Tucumán Lawn Tennis - Tucumán)
21- SAN MARTIN, Horacio Alberto (Tala R.C - Cordobesa)
22- SANCHEZ, Federico Nicolás (Tucuman Lawn Tennis - Tucumán)
23- SENATORE, Leonardo Vicente (G.E.R - Rosario)
24- SMIDT, Agustín (La Tablada - Cordobesa)
25- TEJERIZO, Roberto (Tucumàn Lawn Tennis - Tucumán)
26- TUCULET, Joaquín (Los Tilos - U.R.B.A)

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