Saturday, September 11, 2010

Booming playing numbers in Uruguay

In a recent episode of Total Rugby, there was a feature on the growth of rugby in Uruguay which included coverage of Los Teros win vs Kazakhstan to advance to the Rugby World Cup Final Place Play-Off vs Romania. When Uruguay qualified for its first ever Rugby World Cup in 1999 the country had around 2,200 players. Since then, the sport has grown imensely to give Uruguay more than 5,000 players, which is an increase of over 130%. Moreover, the Uruguayan Rugby Union believes it could have 10,000 players in a few years time. Despite others having much larger playing numbers the impressive rise in rugby participation in Uruguay is remarkable. Being able to more than double player numbers, including those of women and children in a decade is huge progress.

This impressive increase is an indication of the possibilities for the future of rugby not only in Argentina but also in countries throughout the Americas. Without question, Uruguay would benefit tremendously from Argentina hosting Rugby World Cup 2023.

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