Saturday, August 14, 2010

The UAR work together with Uruguay

The Argentine National Rugby Union (UAR)  have accepted a request from the Uruguayan National Rugby Union (URU) to have some Los Teros players and coaches participate in the High Performance Plan in Buenos Aires next week. The UAR's collaboration with Uruguay is part of Argentina rugby´s interest in promoting rugby development throughout the region. Moreover, this participation will provide Los Teros with better preperation ahead of their do or die home and away matches vs Romania in November. The winner will advance to Rugby World Cup 2011 as the 20th and final team. It is very good news for Uruguay and is an indicator that the UAR is taking appropriate leadership measures in the region. Their attitude is exactly what is needed for South American rugby and underlines the strength of Argentina´s potential candidacy to host Rugby World Cup 2023

In announcing plans, UAR presdient Luis Castillo said "We are very happy to collaborate with the national team of Uruguay. The UAR as an institution seeks growth of rugby in the region, not only Uruguay, but also with the rest of the countries of CONSUR."

Manuel Galindo, Chairman of the Subcommittee on High Performance Rugby added "We agreed to Uruguay´s request, with whom we share bonds of brotherhood. The UAR as a benchmark for the region has the obligation to promote the development of the game and we believe that providing our institutional support are contributing to their preparation for the Rugby World Cup 2011 Playoff."

National Director of High Performance Rugby and former Pumas coach, Marcelo Loffreda, said: "The idea is for the Uruguayans to be assisted in the activities performed by the senior players and for the coaches to see the training system and physical burdens and receive different information that may assist their preperations better."

Below is the list of Uruguayan players who will participate in the program:

1 Edgardo Benitez PLAYER
2 Ivo Dugonjic PLAYER
3 Gaston Mieres PLAYER
4 Leandro Leivas PLAYER
5 Corral, Alejo PLAYER
6 Juan De Freitas PLAYER
7 Emiliano Caffera PLAYER
8 Guillermo Selves PHYSICAL PREP
9 Sebastian Pineyro TRAINER
10 Bruno Grunwalt TRAINER
11 Matias Arocena PLAYER
12 Richard Fynn VIDEO ANALYST

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