Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brazil and Paraguay to play in Cross-Border Tournaments in November and February

The continued growth of rugby in South America is set to continue with great news coming from Brazil today. Following great efforts from the President of the the Confederation of Brazilian Rugby (CBRu), Sami Arap, Brazil has been confirmed to take its place in a Cross-Border International tournament in november which will be organized by the Confederation of South American Rugby (CONSUR), with the participation of Brazil, Paraguay and two Argentine provinces.

Furthermore, Brazil and Paraguay will also participate in the International Cross-Border Tournament that will take place in 2011 starting on February 12 and finishing in April. In addition to Brazil and Paraguay it will feature Chile, Uruguay and four other Argentine Provinces. The unions of all participating countries can celebrate this announcement as South America continues to progress into a better organized region offering more for the future of rugby in all parts of the continent. The progress made by Brazil in particular appears to have been not only noted but also awarded as the future of rugby in the country appears better every year.

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