Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pumas Pride Rugby World Cup 2007

The defining moment that lives in the memory from Rugby World Cup 2007 for many people was not when South Africa won the tournament rather it was the pride of los Pumas in the opening match. On the field the world got to see something spectacular with a team knocking over historically better teams and doing so in succession. But, many people were simply blown away by Argentina when they entered the field. The sacrifice the players made for one another and the passion of los Pumas. The unprecidented level of energy and emotion that came from the 22 players during the Argentine national level touched millions of fans around the world. It was the beginning of something special. The words of Alejandro Coccia as France and Argentina left their dressing rooms to enter the Stade de France were perfect.

The work of Argentina touched a nation. Many people in Argentina were overwhelmed by los Pumas and adopted them as heroes. For the neutrals they were also a team to cheer home. The amount of tributes the team recieved during and after Rugby World Cup 2007 was truely revolutionary. Argentina left an impression that will not be forgotten and the sport in the country has boomed as a result. The nation was captured and admired their sons as they took France by storm. The time has come for Argentina to prepare a bid to host 2023 Rugby World Cup 2003.

At France 2007 Argentina scored a total of 22 tries. 15 of which were scored in the pool matches and 7 in the play-off´s. Many of these tries were game breaking and crucial for Argentina in their individual matches. My pick of the best three are:

1. Horacio Agulla vs Ireland (Pool Match). The try that stunned Ireland. It was started by El Mago, Juan Martín Hernández who many rate as the best player of the tournament. The try was team work combined with individual brilliance from Hernández and gave Argentina an advantage which Ireland were unable to recover from.

2. Federico Martín Aramburu vs France (Bronze Final). It was a truely amazing try involving fast running, quick hands and a huge pass. Argentina scored 5 tries in this match and really destoryed the idea that Bronze Final´s are pointless.

3. Ignacio Corleto vs France (Pool Match). The first try of Rugby World Cup 2007 would be a moment that defined the tournament. It won Argentina the match and meant France would qualify second in the group and then go on to face New Zealand in the Quarter Final. The try was therefore crucial to sending France to face the All Blacks and knock them out of Rugby World Cup 2007.

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