Friday, July 23, 2010

1972 Uruguay Rugby Plane Crash – Flight 571

Uruguay´s contribution to World Rugby is in no way small or insignificant. Los Teros have been to two Rugby World Cup´s and in the process have won two matches. However, the most famous moment in the history or Uruguayan rugby occurred not in Rugby World Cup 2003 or in Rugby World Cup 1999 but far earlier. It was in 1972 when one of Uruguay´s top teams plane crashed in the Andes Mountains while flying to Chile. Caught in freezing conditions without any communication the players and family members of the Old Christians Club rugby team faced the impossible. The story has been well documented in books, documentaries and in film. The following is a documentary telling the fight for survival from an impossible position.

Making Argentina 2023 a reality would be a chance to honor the memories of those involved both dead and alive. It is a chance for all of South America not just Argentina.


  1. No. There were survivors. There is an outstanding book titled Alive and a film of the same name.