Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Record Attendances at the 2010 IRB Junior World Cup

Upon being selected as host for the 2010 IRB Junior World Cup, Argentine authorities set out to ensure that they would put on a great event. The UAR opted to stage matches at three venues in the eastern Argentine provinces of Entre Rios and Santa Fé. The decision was made to take the event inland from Buenos Aires but to to the stronghold region of Argentine rugby - the north. Potential reasons for this decision are the superior stadiums, proximity of the venues to one another and the opportunity of taking an important tournament to Argentina´s east in an effort to promote rugby in the region.
The decision has proven to have been a very good one with record attendance numbers for the opening days matches. On the opening day over 30,000 fans attended the matches, including over 16,000 for France vs Ireland and Argentina vs England which were both held at the Estadio Newell´s Old Boy´s in Rosario. Sadly for home fans, Argentina were overpowered by England´s team 48-22. Large crowds were also recorded at the Estadio Brigadier General Estanislao López in Santa Fé which attracted a crowd of 10,000 for two matches and Paraná which attracted 4,000 fans.
The attendance figures for the opening weekend are double that of Wales 2008 and Japan 2009 which underlines the strength of Argentina as a potential host for a future Rugby World Cup. Moreover, Wales were hosts of the 1999 Rugby World Cup and Japan will host the 2019 Rugby World Cup. The Americas need not wait any longer. 2023 is the time for the Rugby World Cup to be hosted in Argentina.

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